Video Production

2022 年 2 月 7 日

Promotional videos

It is the current trend to use dynamic videos to promote corporate business. Making full use of vivid and attractive videos is definitely the best choice for corporate business promotion.

Knowing that video marketing is an indispensable part of digital marketing, Bravo has the most professional production team by providing pre-communication, copywriting, storyboard design, scene and actor arrangement, and on-site shooting (including One-stop services such as photo studio/green screen/aerial photography), post editing, animation production, professional dubbing, etc. Bravo will create the most effective and eye-catching promotional videos for the company in response to the customers’ needs, accurately expressing the company’s information, while being innovative and unique, and impressing the audience.

The production of the film includes:
– Corporate Image/Company Introduction
– Product and service promotion videos
– Opening of the event and behind-the-scenes video
– Social media videos
– Microfilm
– Animation and moving pictures