What is Motion Graphics? Is it a must for corporate promotion?

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  •  February 6, 2024

Motion Graphics refers to Graphics Design + Motion, in other words, the static graphics into motion. Motion Graphics combines a variety of effects and elements with aural effects, and focuses more on the presentation of the screen.

Motion Graphics can present cumbersome text, complex details, incomprehensible numbers, abstract concepts, and other information in a simple and vivid way, which is suitable for companies to show their brand image, concepts, new products introduction, or add to their corporate videos to enrich the film. Moreover, the video production cycle is short, and does not require a lot of manpower to produce and consider the venue. It saves time and costs with few restrictions. In recent years, more companies choose to use Motion Graphic video production for promotional purposes.

Of course, Motion Graphics has limitations and a 10-30 second playback time is the most suitable. If companies need longer videos (more than 60 seconds of video), documentaries, travel or testimonial sharing video, it is recommended that the production of traditional video will be more appropriate. In addition, Motion Graphics is less personal and does not allow the viewer to see a specific space or interviewee as traditional video does. It is recommended that Motion Graphics can be added to the original camera images to make the overall video more flexible and eye-catching, as well as convey the information vividly.

The process of creating Motion Graphics, which unifies and visualizes a large amount of information, is actually a systematic and integrated process of various disciplines. It is important to clarify the motivation, purpose and message of the video, target audiences, and budget before producing Motion Graphics, so that designers can execute the script design, storyboard, and overall production according to their needs, making the work more organized and efficient.

Motion Graphics is gaining more and more attention and acceptance in all markets, so take a small step forward and reap the benefits of the rise of Motion Graphics. If you are looking for help with motion graphics or traditional video projects, please contact us!

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