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What Is Native Advertising?

Yahoo Native Ads is a 24/7 advertising solution that perfectly blends with web content. Advertisements not only provide users with useful and interesting product or service information, but also can bring out the advertiser’s promotional information, so as to reach the target customer group for the advertiser in an all-round way. Native ads will be played on the homepage and internal pages of Yahoo desktop (PC) and mobile network (Mobile), Yahoo Apps (news, email, finance, weather, etc.) Platform exposure opportunities. Whether your promotional purpose is to strengthen brand awareness, increase page views, increase online sales or app downloads, etc., native advertising can be effective. Advertisements can also be targeted at specific countries, regions and cities to expand overseas markets for you in one stop.

1. Low Cost and High Traffic

Advertising is charged on a cost-per-click basis, and each click brings actual traffic and business opportunities to the website.

2. Free Exposure

Ad impressions are completely free, which can attract a strong number of ad impressions for advertisers.

3. High Engagement Rates

Native advertising will only be officially charged when a user clicks on the ad, giving advertisers more free exposure opportunities and giving potential customers a chance to fully receive advertising messages.

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