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Xiaohongshu has more than 300 million monthly active users and has become an irreplaceable lifestyle platform and product search portal for young people. It combines the functions of community, advertising and e-commerce. Xiaohongshu encourages users to share content about their own experiences. In the Chinese market that pursues word-of-mouth, this form of sharing notes quickly became very popular.

  1. The number of users has exceeded 200 million, the average monthly active users have reached nearly 30 million, and the daily exposure of notes has reached 1.4 billion times.
  2. The ratio of users born in the 1990s is as high as 70%.
  3. Adopting a C2B-B2C marketing model, all published content comes from users. Through text, pictures, video notes and other modes, independently share the experience of using the product, and implement the Word of Mouth mode to spread the product.
  4. Little Red Book has a wide range of topics, including information on entertainment itineraries, recipes, beauty, photography tutorials, and the parenting information.
  5. Xiaohongshu has a “store” system, and products can be purchased within the APP.

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