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WeChat is not only an instant messaging software, but also a multi-functional application. In addition to the basic functions of sending messages and video calls, it can also do ordering, payment, entertainment, shopping, etc. One App can conquer the world. There are more than 1.3 billion active users of WeChat and WeChat worldwide, and almost all Chinese people use WeChat every day.

  1. Brand promotion: WeChat public account is a good brand promotion platform. Through the public account, the company’s culture, products and services can be spread, and brand awareness and reputation can be improved.
  2. Customer service: WeChat public accounts can provide enterprises with a customer service platform. Through the public account, they can provide customers with consultation, complaints, suggestions and other services to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Marketing and promotion: WeChat official account can become a marketing promotion platform. Through the official account, you can publish promotional activities, promote new products and other information to attract more potential customers.
  4. User interaction: WeChat public accounts can promote interaction between enterprises and users. Through the public account, users can collect user feedback and conduct interactive games and other activities to increase user stickiness.

Bravo Marketing Consultancy Limited is a comprehensive marketing company that provides one-stop services, including brand design, social media content marketing, video production, web development, e-commerce development, search engine optimization. 

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