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Douyin has accumulated more than 700 million monthly active users in China, mainly young people below college level. Douyin itself has three major parts: content, e-commerce, and social networking. Its feature is that after entering, you can see unlimited video content, and use algorithms to estimate the time you stay in certain types of videos to make personalized recommendations. Content can greatly improve user stickiness.

  1. Douyin’s monthly active users reach 600 million.
  2. Women make up the majority of Douyin users, and most of these women come from first- and second-tier cities and have strong purchasing power.
  3. Making good use of Douyin celebrities for brand marketing has brought huge attention and sales to its own brand.
  4. Because Douyin videos are “short”, the content is more refined and the quality is better, and users are more enthusiastic about participating in comments.
  5. Douyin short videos are easy to share, comment and like, are highly interactive among users, and bring more exposure and attention to the brand.

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