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Provision of Campaign Creative Services and Production Services of Thematic Website & Training Materials for the Integrity Promotion Campaign for Public Sector to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)


Over a hundred organisations in Hong Kong are scheduled or defined by law as “public bodies” because their operations and services provided are closely related to people’s livelihood and have significant bearings on public interests. Employees and members of the governing body (e.g. the council, board or committee) of these public bodies are “public servants”. In light of the high public expectations for the integrity of public servants, employees and members of public bodies should stay vigilant of corruption risks to ensure that services delivered by their organisations are free from corruption and malpractice.

To enhance the corruption prevention education of public servants and continue to entrench the integrity culture in public bodies, the ICAC launched a two-year “Integrity Promotion Campaign for Public Bodies” in 2020/21.


The client needs a creative design team to design and produce a series of promotional materials for the [Integrity Promotion Campaign for Public Bodies].


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