Influencer Marketing Benefits and Guidelines

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  •  February 6, 2024

The use of social media platforms has become an integral part of the new generation’s daily life. At the same time, its popularity is accompanied by a flood of daily advertisements, making more potential customers rely on real reviews and shares on the Internet before making a purchase decision. Influencers or KOLs with a large number of supporters and influence in the industry have the ability to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, and they are increasingly valued by companies and brands. Nowadays, Influencer Marketing has become an important part of marketing strategy! This article will share the benefits and guidelines of Influencer Marketing.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

1. Accumulate positive feedback

Nowadays, before making a purchase decision, consumers will definitely search for product reviews on the Internet. Through influencer marketing, positive experiences can be shared, which helps brands accumulate positive online reputation and positive reviews.

2. Increase consumers trust

Influencers’ recommendations or tips are usually more convincing than brand advertisements. The trust that fans have accumulated by following influencers over a long period of time reduces the deliberation period effectively when making purchase decisions and increases the probability of purchase.

3. Increase exposure and interaction

With the popularity and influence of KOLs, and targeting their specific customer base, the exposure and awareness of brands can be effectively increased. At the same time, KOLs usually recommend products in a personal style or in a way close to daily life, just like friends and relatives recommending products, effectively bringing companies closer to consumers and strengthening interactive relationships.

Influencer Marketing Execution Process

Planning to add influencer marketing to your marketing plan? Let’s understand the whole process of cooperation, so that your implementation of influencer marketing can be smoother.

1. Identify marketing objectives: expand awareness, develop customer base, increase sales orders, etc.

2. Develop a complete marketing strategy: including budget, cooperation plan, etc.

3. Find suitable influencers: e.g., reputation and credibility, relevance to the brand and product, reach and interaction rate, audience quality, credibility, fees, etc.

4. Confirm the budget and details of cooperation

5. Schedule planning and proposal content

6. Review the effectiveness of the cooperation

If you want more people to know about your brand and products, you may consider collaborating with influencers. For those who find it difficult to choose the right influencers from among the many and achieve the promotion goals, you can consider leaving it to the professional team which can help you achieve the most effective promotion results.

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