Facebook or Instagram, which is the best for you?

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  •  February 6, 2024

Facebook or Instagram, which is the best for you? Both social platforms are highly used, which one is better for your brand or company? Here’s a comparison of the two.


There is no denying that Facebook has a larger number of users and is used by a wider age group, between 26-50 years old, but mainly in the 35+ age group.
If your products or services are not age specific or skewed towards adult users, you can use Facebook which has large number of reaches to increase exposure and let more customers know about your products and brand.
In addition, Facebook is positioned as an information-oriented, with text as the main focus and video as a supplement. If you plan to have a Facebook page and do advertising, the contents and its quality are very important in order to let users notice your page and content in a short time.
In recent years, Facebook has added a discussion group function for users who are highly engaged in specific topics. Brands can have more users’ communication by creating corresponding groups.


Unlike Facebook’s audience, Instagram is mainly targeted at young people under 30 years old, who prefer beautiful, attractive, unique and coherent content and images, so that you need to put more efforts on it to attract followers.
In addition, Instagram focuses on daily sharing and engagement. Brands can make use of the interactive features of story and short videos to generate interaction and raise awareness. Also, using hashtags can help users find your page with the keyword function.
Companies that want to set up Instagram pages should pay attention to the regular updates of Instagram features to catch the trend and make good use of the new functions to increase the interaction between followers.

The functions and positioning of the two major social media platforms have their own characteristics and styles, which are not the same. It is recommended to determine your brand direction and positioning first, and then choose the appropriate platform for promotion and marketing, or plan different contents according to the characteristics of each platform.

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